Shipping & Payment Info

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Payment Methods Accepted

All prices on this site are in Canadian dollars (CAD). We accept Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, PayPal and wire transfers. COD shipments are not accepted. Your credit card will be charged when you purchase the product from this website or when you contact customer service and your product is approved for purchase. Certain corporate accounts may qualify for purchases on Account – please contact us for details.

Freight Policy

The pricing on this site and in our catalog includes delivery to many locations in Canada. However, some locations will be subject to a freight surcharge. Please contact us to get a Quote for delivery to your location.

Accessorial Charges

In some cases accessorial charges may apply for specialized freight services beyond normal pick up, transport, and delivery.

  • Lift Gate: If a shipment being delivered to a facility without a loading dock or adequate material handling equipment requires specialized lift gate service, a $135.00 fee will apply to the order.
  • Residential Pick Up/Delivery: If a shipment is to be picked up or delivered to a residential area, a $40.00 fee will apply to the order. All orders void of a ship-to BUSINESS NAME will automatically be assumed to be residential delivery.
  • Re-Delivery /Return Trip: A $75.00 charge will apply for each re-delivery.
  • Waiting Time: A fee may be added if a delivery driver experiences significant wait time for a shipment to be unloaded. This charge would be based on the amount of time over and above what would be considered a normal delivery expectation.
  • Storage Charges: If the shipment is stalled for any reason, or needs to sit with the carrier for a specific delivery date, a storage fee may be charged for taking up space on a dock or in a truck.
  • Reconsignment: If while in transit, the shipment needs to be reconsigned to an alternative location, then the outbound rate per mile will be applied from point of original delivery to the new destination point.


Shipments should be thoroughly inspected by consignee as soon as received and PRIOR TO SIGNING THE BILL OF LADING. The signed Bill of Lading is your acknowledgement to the carrier that goods have all been received and are in good condition. If any of the goods called for on the Bill of Lading are shorted or damaged, consignees should not accept them until the carrier makes a notation on the freight bill of the shorted or damaged goods. The consignee needs to inspect the shipment for Concealed Damage.

CONSIGNEE MUST NOTIFY FREIGHT CARRIER AT ONCE if any significant hidden loss or damage outside of normal handling abrasions and marks is discovered after receipt and request the carrier to make an inspection within 48 hours. If the carrier is unable to do so, prepare a signed statement to the effect that you have notified the carrier (on a specific date) and that the carrier has failed to comply with your request (name of person you talk to, date and time of the conversation). NOTE THAT IT IS DIFFICULT TO COLLECT FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE AFTER YOU HAVE GIVEN THE CARRIER A CLEAR RECEIPT. File your claim with the carrier promptly and support your claim with a cargo loss and damage claim form, copies of the bill of lading, freight bill, product invoice, photographs, and inspection claim given to you by inspector after inspection is done. Note that Garage Donkey's willingness to assist in helping you process your claim does not make Garage Donkey responsible for collection of claims or replacement of lost or damaged materials.

Minimum Billing

A minimum of $40.00, excluding freight charges and taxes, will be required in order to process any order.

Sales Tax

All sales are subject to GST/HST as applicable.Residents in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Quebec should self assess PST/QST as required.